First Fisker Ocean Electric SUVs Delivered in USA

Laurance Yap
Jun 2023
The California-designed, Austrian-made Fisker Ocean has finally arrived on our shores. Designed by a legendary car designer, and with numerous unique features, the Ocean has an attractive starting price and is available in multiple versions.
Fisker Ocean driving through a flat desert landscape with mountains in the background

Fisker Ocean One: Deliveries Commence

The first 22 reservation holders for the Fisker Ocean, the all-new electric SUV, finally received their vehicles this week. Now that the Ocean is certified for the U.S., many more deliveries will follow, as the company has over 65,000 pre-orders for the vehicle. Designed in California but built in Austria, the Ocean is a ground-up EV design, and offers an appealing mix of features, a stylish exterior, and attractive pricing.

Deliveries took place at one of Fisker’s facilities in the Los Angeles area, where product specialists familiarized the new customers with their Ocean One launch edition SUVs. The most expensive version of the Ocean, the Ocean One has a 106-kWh usable battery pack and an EPA estimated range of 360 miles on the standard 20-inch wheels. Fisker claims that this is the longest range of any SUV in its class. MSRP for the Ocean One starts at $68,999.

Dog in trunk of parked Fisker Ocean SUV

Fisker Ocean: Range and Price

There are other, less expensive versions of the Fisker Ocean which will suit more American family budgets. Indeed, the entry-level Fisker Ocean Sport has a starting MSRP of $37,499, with rear-wheel drive. The faster Ocean Ultra, with a starting MSRP of around $50,000, features standard all-wheel drive with 540 horsepower, and an estimated 340 miles of range. All Ocean models are equipped with vehicle-to-load technology, which lets Ocean owners recharge other EVs, send power to the electrical grid, and use their vehicles as a back-up source of emergency power.

What makes the Ocean special is its design. Henrik Fisker is one of the great car designers of the last 50 years, with a string of hits at BMW, Aston Martin, and other brands, that still get car fanatics salivating. The Ocean is designed to be a true SUV, rather than an aerodynamic, high-riding hatchback, but still has ultra-slim lighting and a wide, sporty stance.

Fisker Ocean Interior and Special Features

One unique feature is the “SolarSky” roof, which the company claims can add an additional 2,000 miles of range per year under ideal conditions – and 1,500 under typical sunny skies in regions like California.

California is reflected in another of the Ocean’s special features, a one-button “California Mode” that provides an open-air, convertible-like experience. In California mode, the Ocean lowers all of its windows and fully retracts its sliding roof – all while maintaining the reassurance and stability of an SUV platform.

Inside, the five-passenger Fisker Ocean has an available fully vegan interior, using recycled materials – including reclaimed fishing nets, old t-shirts, and renewed rubber. The seats are a unique design, and a “limo mode” allows rear- seat passengers to control the volume of the audio system and adjust heating and air conditioning. Of course, there’s a big central screen, but a “Hollywood mode” gimmick rotates it into landscape mode when the vehicle is parked to create an immersive viewing experience.

Overhead view of a Fisker Ocean with its SolarSky roof open

Modern Driver Assistance Systems

Fisker’s Intelligent Pilot driver assist system includes automated electronic sensors (radar, ultrasonic sensors, and cameras) and processing software that continuously senses inputs and then engages when necessary to anticipate and prevent accidents. A broad range of warning functions, safety-driven braking functions, and driver convenience features are included.

Fisker says that additional deliveries of the Ocean will happen throughout the U.S. this summer as it starts to ramp up production of its new SUV. European deliveries are already underway, and the company expects to produce over 30,000 units this calendar year.

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